Friday, February 23, 2018

Tips for Choosing the Right Hobby Laser Machine

Laser engravers have become an increasingly popular option for artists, craftsmen, hobbyists, and small business owners in recent years due in large part to the availability of reasonably priced machines that are no longer prohibitively expensive for general consumers. Read on to learn a little bit more about laser machining and how it can help consumers fabricate products and create art below.

How Does it Work?

A laser engraver uses scientifically advanced laser technology to concentrate an extremely strong and hot beam of light on the surface being cut, burning away the material with extreme precision without damaging the surrounding surfaces. The path of the laser is controlled by a computer program, so designers can simply input the pattern they want on the program then transfer it to whatever surface they please. The ability to accurately and precisely treat particular areas of the surface makes it easy for users to recreate precision pieces in an incredibly short time.

What Can Laser Engravers Cut?

Just about every hobby laser engraver on the market is capable of cutting organic materials such as wood, glass, rubber, leather, acrylic, some treated metals, and some plastics. However, those who wish to work with reflective metals must instead purchase a fiber laser engraver. These machines function on a different wavelength to better process reflective metals.

What Should Consumers Consider When Purchasing a Laser Machine?

The first thing to consider is what materials will be processed; this allows artists and craftsmen to find the best laser engraver for the unique application they are considering. Next, think about the surface area of the materials to be engraved, as this information will be helpful in deciding how large the machine's table will need to be. Most consumers and small business owners find that a hobby laser engraver is sufficiently powerful for performing the tasks they need it to; 60W of power is usually sufficient, although some machines come equipped with the capability to switch out more powerful laser tubes.

How Can Consumers Ensure They're Buying a Quality Product?

Since laser cutters and engravers constitute a fairly serious investment for most consumers, it's a good idea for them to do some research prior to purchasing a machine. The most important factor to consider is the supplier. Only purchase a machine that is produced by a well-respected company, and be sure to check out some reviews online before making the purchase.

How Expensive are Laser Machines?

Although the very powerful industrial-scale machines used in manufacturing plants and factories are still generally out of the price range of the average consumer, hobby laser cutters and engravers are quite affordable and often come with available financing. Check out laser engraver prices online to get started.

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